Saturday, 7 June 2014

New Release! Becoming His Muse

Becoming His Muse is a 3-part serial romance. The complete series is available now. 

They shouldn’t be together. Affairs between students and professors are strictly against the rules. But when it comes to love, some rules are made to be broken…

Logan O’Shane is a world-famous author in need of inspiration. He takes a teaching position at a small town college.

Ava is a student painter with dreams of moving to New York after graduation, even though her parents have more conservative plans for her.

When Logan meets Ava he finds in her all the inspiration he desires. Ava becomes Logan’s muse. Their forbidden affair inspires them both to passionate heights.

But with great height comes the risk of falling. Their secret is dangerous and could destroy their future. When the college is rocked by a shocking revelation, Logan and Ava may not survive the fallout.

Becoming His Muse Part I: |

Becoming His Muse Part II: |

Becoming His Muse Part III: |

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