Friday, 2 January 2015

HAPPY 2015!

I'm delighted that we've been swept into a whole new year. I have no idea what this year will bring but my heart and mind are both open to possibilities that stretch even my imagination. Here's to a sexy, surprising, and sensational New Year.
Painting by Lovis (Franz Heinrich Louis) Corinth 1858-1925

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Coming soon... New Book! FULL MOOON IN FLORENCE

Can a passionate one night stand lead to true, lasting love?


Two strangers traveling in Paris meet by chance on Valentine's Day. Laine is an American with a broken heart and Colin is a business-minded English gentleman.

Seduced by the romance of the city, and each other, they succumb to Fate and decide to share a perfect night of passion. Colin heals Laine’s broken heart and she leaves her mark on him.

Months later, they can’t stop thinking of each other. When they discover they'll be in Florence, Italy, at the same time on business, they make plans to meet up.

Now that Fate has brought them together again, will they be able to turn the spark of passion into the flame of true love?